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Company Profile

Standard redefined

Due to steadily increasing environmental pollution caused by chemical compounds, which are always more likely to pass through the barriers of the waterworks and thus remain unhindered in the domestic drinking water network, we have specialized in the processing technology of membrane technology.

This method is the most powerful method to safely remove the smallest molecular foreign substances such as viruses, bacteria, hormones and drug residues from the water. That’s why all models in the Membratech® A-Series are state-of-the-art and meet the highest standards.

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The problem

97% of all waterworks use outdated treatment processes that can not hold back many pollutants. This leads to increased bacterial infection in the domestic water network and associated higher repair and maintenance costs.

The solution

The solution can be found in membrane technology. Depending on the pore size, this technology safely removes viruses, hormones and drug residues from the water and is unsurpassed in terms of cost-effectiveness and versatility.

The result

Pure water significantly reduces energy consumption and protects your domestic water installation. Low maintenance costs save you additional money. Another elementary fact is that with pure water up to 50% less cleaning and washing agents are needed.

Highly specialized know-how and efficient implementation

Our services at a glance

Together with you, we develop a conceptual implementation of your requirements and assist our experts in all important questions. With this control system, we have already been able to satisfy a number of customers who value efficiency, the highest quality and economic efficiency.

  • Conceptual implementation of customer-specific requirements
  • Premium membrane preparation systems of the newest generation
  • Corrosion protection and pipe inner wall sealing
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We rely on the latest generation of drinking and process water treatment


Structured processes for more efficiency and security in projects


In order to meet our high standards on a daily basis, we are constantly optimizing our processes

Environmental Protection

The membrane technology we use not only frees the water from pollutants. It also protects the environment


Part of our proceeds goes to projects that provide access to clean water in poorer countries


With our premium membrane preparation systems of the Membratech® A series, we offer maximum performance and cost-effectiveness

The process

Only one, like a gear interlocking project process ensures a high quality result

  • Needs assessment
  • Feasibility study
  • Technical realization
  • Parameter diagnosis
  • Release

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