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MEMBRATECH Engineering GmbH is one of the world’s leading specialists in the field of membrane technology for drinking and process water treatment and the inventor of the world’s first and only miniature waterworks.

From protection against corrosion, softening and desalination of water to protection against bacterial growth, we offer the optimum solution for every imaginable situation for your home, in business or industry. With innovative systems, services and industry-specific implementations for greater efficiency and safety.


Outdated treatment processes97%
Polluted water resources96%
Membrane technology100%

Project planning

Sound and well thought-out project planning is part of our philosophy, as the likelihood of producing a high quality and satisfying result is far greater than other approaches.


Technical realization

Thanks to our detailed project planning in advance, we can achieve an efficient and secure technical realization.


Satisfaction guarantee

On the result we give you a satisfaction guarantee.

Reverse osmosis membrane technology is a physical process used to concentrate liquids dissolved in liquids by reversing the natural osmosis process with pressure. This method was developed in the 1960s by the NASA space agency to prepare urine in ultrapure water in human spaceflight. Reverse osmosis is currently used in the medical, food and marine desalination industries, as this process is well suited to treat contaminated water in ultrapure water, i. to remove even the smallest molecular substances from the water.

The medium in which the concentration of a certain substance is to be reduced is separated from the medium by a semipermeable membrane in which the concentration is to be increased. This is subjected to a pressure which must be higher than the pressure which is created by the osmotic desire to balance the concentration. This allows the molecules of the solvent to migrate towards their “natural” osmotic propagation direction. The process pushes them into the compartment where dissolved matter is less concentrated.

At the end, water is generated which is 99% pure and free from harmful substances such as viruses, bacteria, hormones and drug residues.