Electroplating technology

The wide product range coupled with the application knowledge of our engineers makes us the ideal partner for the electroplating industry. The following products are typically used here:


  • Chemical storage tanks
  • Chemical feed pumps (drum and transfer pumps)
  • Dosing pump
  • Measuring, control and sensor technology
  • Complete dosing systems

These products are well prepared for electroplating:

  • High reliability and thus low maintenance costs
  • Security for the operator and the process
  • Resistant material versions for all chemicals
  • Pollution-resistant sensors in various designs
  • Low voltage versions (12 – 24 V) for use directly at the bathroom


Areas of application in electroplating technology:


  • Dosing of pH stabilizers in closed PER cleaning systems
  • Bath care of alkaline cleaning baths
  • Recalibration of NaOH by means of a control circuit
  • Dosing of grinding additives with external control of the dosing pump via flow meter
  • Dosing as a function of an Ah-hour counter, or adjustment of the dosing pump by hand
  • Fresh water additive by means of control loop
  • Process water treatment
  • pH and redox measurement and control
  • Flocculant