Application areas:

  • Wastewater treatment
  • Drinking water supply
  • Internal water management

Hotel and resorts

Water treatment for the highest demands

You do not need an 08/15 solution, but the right choice and combination of reliable components to keep your application running efficiently? – No problem. We specialize in designing complex applications. Be it dosing liquids for a variety of processes, drinking water disinfection or wastewater neutralization – to name but a few – we are optimizing, automating or rebuilding your application.

Our recipe for an ideal result? The selection of the right components such as dosing pumps, sensors, measuring and control devices according to the respective requirements (backpressure, delivery rate, temperature, measuring range, chemical resistance …) from our extensive range. Then follows the careful tuning of all components: We consider possible interactions with each other as well as disturbing influences from the environment. Finally, everything is well connected, possibly with a higher-level control authority.