Biocide-free disinfection of cooling water

Ozone processes are used to reduce germs in cooling water circulation systems. In our process – regardless of the operation of the associated cooling tower – a cooling water partial flow is processed in a 2-stage, continuous process. In the first stage, the cooling water is passed through a filter that reliably retains solid water constituents. In the second stage, the water is treated with ozone. Ozone is a very efficient oxidizer / disinfectant and reduces the germs present in the water.

Ozone is generated from atmospheric oxygen by silent, electrical discharge. Compared to biocide dosing, the ozone process has the advantage that no toxic chemicals are released into the ambient air, since ozone in the cooling tower completely reacts to oxygen. No toxic products are formed and the handling of chemicals is eliminated.

In order to counteract bacterial contamination in the cooling tower during a longer shutdown of the system, an interval operation is adjustable in this method. The process can be monitored and controlled using a microprocessor control.