Membrane technology for your properties

High technology in the home

High technology is not a foreign word in Germany and thus accessible to your properties. Our high-performance membranes are the result of innovative engineering and German workmanship to generate pure drinking water, free of viruses, bacteria, hormones, heavy metals and other harmful foreign substances.

This technology, which has been standard in many high-tech countries for years, is rapidly gaining ground in Germany, as membrane technology provides the only method for safely removing smallest molecular components from drinking water.

Some systems can be equipped with the new revolutionary SinTech membrane technology, which uses high-performance ceramic membranes to provide a 10-fold treatment performance in very difficult raw water.

We also use revolutionary systems that redefine the process of softening.

Contact with a synthetic catalyst material inside the Atecc systems converts the temporary water hardness (dissolved lime) into micrometer sized argonite crystals. Due to this structural change, the lime has no possibility to settle on surfaces such as tiles, fittings, heating coils or pipes. This creates a permanently safe protection against lime residues of all kinds and their unwanted side effects.


Cost savings in the building services sector