The swimming pool technology

For a high standard of hygiene

Our latest-generation membrane electrolysis systems for the disinfection of swimming pool water offer the highest level of economic efficiency combined with state-of-the-art technology.

In this case, a saturated saline solution is prepared in a brine container contained in the delivery, which is electrolysed in a membrane cell. Chlorine-free caustic soda and hydrogen are formed in the cathode compartment, as well as chlorine gas and lean residual brine in the anode compartment separated by the membrane.

The resulting chlorine gas is bound with the sodium hydroxide solution, collected as sodium hypochlorite in a storage container and metered from there as required with separate metering pumps. Due to the moderate pH value of approx. 9, the pH of the treated water is significantly less affected than when using commercially available sodium hypochlorite (pH 12-13.5). The resulting hydrogen is diluted with fresh air via an ATEX-tested fan and discharged safely. The saline water comes from a water softening system integrated in the system, which prevents lime precipitation and ensures the longevity of the electrolysis cell. The efficiency of the electrolysis is monitored by an integrated pH measurement of the caustic soda production.

Our systems are controlled by a modern PLC with large illuminated display and integrated modem for remote diagnostics and troubleshooting.


  • strong, simple technology
  • compact space-saving design
  • safe system control with remote diagnostics via modem
  • low chloride bleach with high chlorine concentration
  • economical operation thanks to cheap raw material common salt and less chemicals consumption for pH adjustment
  • long service life of the electrical cells